Double Curtain Rods-Prices, Styles, Designs, Ideas on Curtain Rods

Double Curtain Rod

Have you ever wondered how those hotels have the curtains that have 2 separate curtains? Well with a double curtain rod you can have 2 separately moving curtains. These great curtain rods comes in many different sizes and colors.

The most popular size is a 3 inch offset from the wall. This allows some room in-between your curtains and your wall.

The double curtain rod is essential for that high end double layer curtain look.

The double curtain rod is attached and they also come with double brackets. With a window treatment rod like this you will need a special mounting bracket system that accommodates the double rod.

The curtain rod brackets come in a variety of sizes and colors as well.They also come with really easy mounting hardware as well as drapery hardware.

Some people even use these rods as shower curtain rod or window rod. If you are looking for a shower rod check out curved shower curtain rod.

Double Curtain Rod

Some double curtain rod brackets are adjustable and they will adjust to the width in which you want your two rods to be separated.

With this type of curtain rod you get the elegance and added depth of two layers of curtains.

Also you keep the heat in the winter and insulate the cool in the winter. The best way to show off your double curtain rod is to have a sheer curtain in the back with a heavier darker curtain in front of the sheer curtain.

This will allow you to have the heavy curtain open and still have privacy with the sheer curtains still drawn. Double Curtain Rod

Double Curtain Rod

The added layer that this curtain system is that you also have a darker room once both sets of curtain is drawn. Also try coordinating the curtains so that they match or contrast.

If you want a layered depth feeling then use slightly contrasting curtains. If you want a more romantic curtain feel or a more non dramatic window try to match the sheet curtain to a color in the heavy front curtain, this will make them seem to go together more and flow better.

If you use a curtain bracket that has a wider space in between the two curtain rods you will have a better field of depth so you can probably get away with matching sheers and heavy front curtains and still get that sophisticated layered look.

I think this is my favorite thing about these types of rods. I mean you can really do anything with them to add a huge punch of style and a dramatic flair to any room in the house.

These can give a soft romantic look to a room or a strong, bold look. Really its completely how you dress the rods and you can change them anytime to update your new look!

Or you can try to match up fabrics and colors that match certain things in your decor, with the double curtain rod you can really step up your decorating and give yourself the style and elegance that you want and you can say that you did it!